It doesn't matter how your yoga looks - it's about how it feels.

If you're on this page, it may be because you feel overwhelmed with stress, you experience stiffness in your joints and muscles, or you suffer from pain. Maybe you feel anxious or depressed, can't get a good night's sleep, or are unsure of the path toward better self-care. Perhaps you've tried yoga because it's supposed to help, but it left you feeling like you weren't good at it, didn't belong there, or were too stiff.

I'm Devi, and I’ve been there. I was an addict with chronic anxiety and depression. My initial journey into yoga in my 20s was frustrating. Most classes were laden with dogmatic alignment rules that often did more harm than good. Yoga studios increased my insecurities around being inflexible and shy.

But the practice offered me a few glimmers of freedom from my struggles, and so I stuck with it. Over the next 20 years I discovered a deep well of inner resources available through the intuitive practice of Yin Yoga. Now at 47, I’m devoted to sharing this approach and helping others find their own yoga.

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