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If you're on this page, maybe you feel overwhelmed with stiffness or pain in your body. Maybe you feel anxious and depressed, Maybe you've tried a lot of the things that are supposed to help, like yoga.

Did your past attempts at yoga leave you feeling like you weren't good at it, didn't belong there, or were too stiff?

I'm Devi, and I’ve been there. As an addict with pain, anxiety and depression twenty years ago, I turned toward yoga for healing and recovery. But classes at yoga studios were laden with dogmatic alignment rules that didn’t feel right in my body. Yoga classes increased my insecurities around being inflexible and shy.

I almost quit as soon as I began. But then I discovered the intuitive practice of Yin Yoga. I learned to follow my instincts to connect with a deep well of inner resources. Now at 47, I’m devoted to sharing this approach and helping others find their own yoga.

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