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Gift cards give access to Devi's full library of professionally-led yoga routines and programs on a subscription basis, or they can go toward purchasing a course.

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How it Works

After you purchase a gift card, we'll send you a redemption code to share with your recipient. We will not send them anything directly. This means it's up to you how to share the redemption code, and when. Print and enclose it in a physical card, or send it in an email when the special day arrives.

price option <p>1-Month Gift Card</p>

1-Month Gift Card


One month of unlimited access for your loved one.

price option <p>3-Month Gift Card</p>

3-Month Gift Card


Three months of unlimited access for your loved one.

price option <p>1-Year Gift Card</p>

1-Year Gift Card


1 year of unlimited access for your loved one

price option <p>Choose Your Own Amount</p>

Choose Your Own Amount

$15 or more

Choose any amount to go toward the purchase of a course or subscription. Some ideas:
– $29.98 buys a 2-month subscription

– $49.99 buys 10 Days of Yin course

– $59.99 buys the January 2020 Yoga Challenge

​​More Than Just Yoga

A sustainable, waste-free way to tell them how much you care.

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Devi's high quality yoga videos can be viewed full-screen on a phone, computer, or any device​​.

Daily Yoga Calendars

​​Follow a daily yoga calendar with over 100 other yogis.

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​​No matter your needs or experience level, you’ll find a program to follow with 100+ yoga practice videos to choose from.

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Stay motivated and connect with likeminded home practitioners in our private discussion group.